Diana Lawrence for State Assembly in Wisconsin District 56
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Clean Energy

We need to get Wisconsin off coal-fired power plants. They are dirty and are responsible for the deaths of 450 people a year in the state. Coal-fired power plants are responsible for mercury in our water systems which collects in the human body over time. They spew smog and many chemicals into the air that we breathe increasing the likelihood of asthma among children and adults alike.

Wind energy is a valuable resource in Wisconsin, especially on Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is one of the best wind corridors in the country and we need to utilize it. Wisconsin is in a race with other Great Lakes states for the business that develops and produces the products associated with wind turbines that would be used on the lakes. We cannot replace all of the power plants in existence with just wind energy from Lake Michigan. We must have some land based turbines as well. Proper siting is important and so is education for the public. People need to understand that wind energy is safer than the coal fired power plants we have that are spewing out chemicals everyday they operate.

The people of this state send billions of dollars to other states for coal. That is money that could be invested and spent in this state.

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