Diana Lawrence for State Assembly in Wisconsin District 56

Endorsement from Ironworkers Local 8

"The labor movement was the principal force that transformed misery and despair into hope and progress." - Dr. Martin Luther King

The labor movement has indeed helped workers across our country with better working conditions and better income and benefits for their families. We have all benefited. Recent changes, championed by the current political incumbents, threaten the labor movement and the benefits we all enjoy. I intend to fight for and uphold the values of working people in Wisconsin.

My interest in the labor unions is that we are all workers and need good incomes and working conditions if we hope to participate in our government. The right to participate in government is granted by our constitution, but our ability to participate is a matter of having time and resources to follow and understand issues, and exercise our right to vote.

It is also a fact that Sierra Club and many labor unions have joined together to create the BlueGreen Alliance. Their website says, "Americans are often asked to choose between jobs and the environment. But as we face increasingly severe impacts of environmental challenges like climate change and adapt to an interconnected global economy, we can no longer choose one or the other. We believe we can and must choose both."

The BlueGreen Alliance unites America's largest labor unions and its most influential environmental organizations to solve today's environmental challenges in ways that create and maintain quality jobs and build a stronger, fairer economy.

Recent politics have divided people. I hope to help unite the rift and help Wisconsin and its people. Politics is about doing good for people. That's what I intend to do if elected to represent you.

Protecting worker rights can take courage in uncomfortable conditions. Madison protests, February 26, 2011.

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