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Fundraiser for Diana Lawrence

October 27, 2020 (via Zoom)
With Gretchen Sisson, PhD

I am very pleased that Gretchen Sisson has agreed to help me in my this fundraiser. I'm asking for help now because I really do have significant expenses and need help getting my campaign known.

I first learned about Gretchen Sisson from a National Public Radio (NPR) broadcast on All Things Considered on September 3.

Gretchen was despondent over Trump's election, like most of us. She decided to channel her unhappiness into political donating, a world where women like her are increasingly making their voices heard. The NPR report says that women are giving much more money to political campaigns than in the past.

That surge provides women with greater political clout, and it could make a big difference in some of this year's closest political races. Women tend to favor Democrats.

Early on, someone gave Gretchen a valuable piece of advice: Anyone can feel good by donating to political candidates who stand a good chance of winning already. What's harder is finding those who might be able to eke out a victory with a little financial help. "For me, it became important to find the candidates that had a solid shot, if not a favorable shot, where money could actually move the needle," she says.

During this election cycle, Sisson has donated generously to candidates, most but not all of them women, and in the process has become one of the country's top female Democratic donors. That caught my attention.

With a bit of research I learned about Gretchen Sisson. Her website (GretchenSisson.com says:

Gretchen Sisson, PhD, is a sociologist who studies the social construction and representation of parenthood and reproductive decision-making. Her current research focuses on depictions of abortion in popular culture, and has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, TIME, and The Cut (New York Magazine). Gretchen's additional areas of research include adoption and birth motherhood, and teen pregnancy and young parenthood.

She currently serves on the Boards of Directors for Emerge America and WDN Action (a sister organization of the Women Donors Network), and on the steering committee for Electing Women Bay Area. She distributes a monthly newsletter on Democratic political giving for a reflective democracy. Gretchen works to build the pipeline of Democratic women in elected office, with the enduring goal of electing a woman to The White House. Her work as a donor was featured in San Francisco Magazine.

She lives in San Francisco with her husband and three children.

I asked Gretchen to discuss her work with financing campaigns, and helping women candidates run for office.

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(This event was originally scheduled for October 20)

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