Diana Lawrence for State Assembly in Wisconsin District 56

I am Qualified for State Assembly

A question I hear from people involved in the media and politics is why I feel I am qualified to run for the State Assembly. This is a very interesting question. What does it mean to be qualified for public office?

The Government Accountability Board, following state law, says you cannot be a convicted felon and must live in the district on the day you are sworn into office. A good portion of the population then is qualified to run for public office. Or is there something more? What qualities do we as voters look for to determine who is qualified?

After the American Revolution it may have been that people thought white, male landowners were qualified. We have come a long way since then. Women and people of color have been added to that list. However, we as voters remain stuck in a belief that the best qualified people are picked from a very narrow field of occupations. Gender and color are less important in some ways but what remains a discriminating factor is occupation. One need not be a business owner or lawyer to run for public office. My background in customer service has been poo pooed as not being valuable enough. This is to say that many people in this line of work are not doing real work, helping real people with real problems. Or, it is, unless you want to run for public office.

I worked for a long time in employee health benefits and gained skills I could use in the State Assembly. I learned how to collaborate between the insured person and the insurance company. I learned how to be a part of a team. I learned how to read complex documents and understand them in a fast paced environment. These are all skills an assemblyperson needs. I did not have a sexy, high powered job but I do have the skills.

As for serving one's community I have done that as well. I chose to serve my community by being involved in environmental groups. Having a good environment is important to me. Through groups like the Sierra Club and the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters I chose to donate my time and talents by helping to get rid of invasive species and to work on the Ice Age Trail by helping to maintain it for others to enjoy.

I have gone down to Madison on many occasions and have spoken to my own legislators as well as other people's legislators on issues that affect not only Assembly District 56 but the whole state as well.

My background is not the usual background one associates with running for public office. But it is a valuable one. In fact, I think that having a more diverse group of people will enhance the state legislature. I believe I have the necessary skills to benefit Assembly District 56 and the state.

So, what do I stand for? I stand for clean open government, responsive to its citizens.

I have ideas for legislation that I would like to support. But I also can recognize bad legislation that should not be supported.

I hope you will consider voting for me in the November 3 election.

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