Diana Lawrence for State Assembly in Wisconsin District 56

Issues and Positions

As an engaged citizen I am frustrated by politicians who favor parties or special interests over constituents. The current State Legislature's extreme nonsense convinced me that I need to run. The legislature is paid for by the public and needs to serve everyone. I hope you will learn about me. I need your support.

Here are some of my thoughts to give you a flavor about my thinking:

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Voter Disenfranchisement

Gerrymandering must end

Thoughts on Public Education

Thoughts on Clean Energy

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I will work to represent you and to enhance your participation and your ability to participate in democracy. This includes ending gerrymandering and reducing the effects of big money having inappropriate access to and influence on government. Your government should work for you and not just for business owners, special interests, and those with more money than you.
Democratic Party candidates support the Party Platform. This is an uplifting and positive document, and not hard to read. It begins with this preamble:

"The Democratic Party of Wisconsin strives to build an open, just, and strong society where all people have equal rights and equal opportunities to live meaningful, secure lives. We work actively for open, honest, and responsive government that is accountable to the needs and will of the people."

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