Diana Lawrence for State Assembly in Wisconsin District 56
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Letters from Supporters

Intended for the newspaper, but not published. October 2020

Dave Murphy and his GOP cohorts have abandoned the people of District 56. Quick to lament of the burden taxes and regulation place on businesses, here is our Assemblyman, receiving a sizeable taxpayer funded salary, but has not been in session since April of 2020. April, when that woefully inadequate COVID response bill was passed with, yes, bipartisan support but with many emphatic qualifications that it was a first step and only a first step. That this pandemic, barely a meow back in the spring relative to its ominous roar of the past weeks, was apt to be an unpredictable, shifting burden that would require readdressing needs for resources, tools, money. He told the Appleton Post Crescent (September 11, 2020 paper) that he has listened and responded to our concerns. Yet, what have we have seen from Mr. Murphy since spring? Not much. Even Facebook followers post polite complaints they never hear from him until election time.

Murphy's feeble expression of concern for the health and wellbeing of District 56 includes a Facebook post "Stop the spread" It details handwashing and social distancing and looks very much like images created by, for example, county and city health departments. But Murphy's pictorial image is missing ANY statement or image of masks. In the September 11 Post Crescent article, he declared face masks as having had "very little effect."

District 56 needs someone who will use science and good judgment when speaking to us on health matters; not adherence to behaviors and beliefs born out of the kind of forced ignorance only arrogance and partisan politics can create. Diana Lawrence WILL represent YOU, not ideology or party, not the financial interests of big business, YOU. Vote for Diana because YOU DESERVE somebody in your corner influencing policy and spending your money in ways that help YOU. This pandemic, the direct and indirect challenges we are and will face, is not going anywhere anytime soon. But neither is Diana Lawrence.


Email conversation, October 2020

A strong Republican wrote to me and said that he can't, in good conscience, vote for any Republicans this year because it violated his moral compass to do so. He is voting for me even though he knows he will disagree with some issues I support. Rather than give up his right to vote he wanted his vote to count for change.

Written September 2020

Published in the Post-Crescent

Time for a change in Assembly District 56

It's time for change. State Assembly District 56 has had enough of incumbent Republican Rep. Dave Murphy. Let him stand on his lousy record.

Murphy took offense to an elective course called "The Problem of Whiteness" offered through the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2018 and is tone-deaf to the problem of structural racism. He co-sponsored a bill that would enforce mandatory disciplinary sanctions for students who protest on campus. He led the effort to merge two-year colleges into four-year universities and dissolve UW-Extension, including Wisconsin Public Radio.

In a complete waste of time and taxpayer dollars, he sponsored the bill to name the tree on display at the state capitol the Christmas Tree. He voted for FoxConn. He is a climate-change denier. He supports sulfide mining in Wisconsin. He scored a zero on the legislative scorecard organized by the Wisconsin state chapter of The Sierra Club.

The Sierra Club endorses Diana Lawrence. She's the candidate to vote for state representative in District 56. She's an active member of the League of Conservation Voters. Her commitment to science and reason is an asset. She will work to make it easier to vote and to eliminate gerrymandered districts. Lawrence will have frequent meetings in the district and communicate clearly with constituents. A candidate who serves the people, all of the people, in District 56 is why we need to vote for Diana Lawrence.

Jill Swenson

Written July 2012

After doing research on the candidates running for the 56th Assembly District, I am choosing to support Diana Lawrence. Diana Lawrence appealed to me because she is a regular person like you and me and does not seek office to fulfill a personal agenda or to help only the wealthy or immediate friends. She cares about the needs of every person.

I feel that if you cast your vote on August 14th for Diana Lawrence for the 56th Assembly seat, you will be casting your vote for the average citizen and not just the select few. Her integrity and vision for the future will be a benefit for us all.

What impresses me about Diana Lawrence's platform is that she understands that every person deserves a chance at a quality education. She also understands that our environment is under attack and we must fight to save the ecosystem not only for us at this time, but also for future generations. As goes the environment, so do we. She understands that circumventing the law to get what you want accomplishes nothing and that the democratic process must be upheld in order to have fairness for all. One must work with those that have a difference of opinion in order to get the best results. Diana Lawrence understands that to make Wisconsin and America stronger, jobs must not be shipped overseas. Legislatures must work with business leaders without giving away the bank and putting all burdens on the middle class. The Declaration of Independence guarantees all Americans life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Diana Lawrence wants to represent the 56th Assembly District to help us achieve those guarantees.

Please join me in voting for Diana Lawrence for the 56th District Assembly.

Ron Holmes

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