Diana Lawrence for State Assembly in Wisconsin District 56

Nomination Signatures

Please sign my nomination paper so that I can be on the ballot

If you want a Democratic candidate on your ballot in November, so you will have choices on your ballot, then you need to put one there, now. Otherwise you will only have the Republican incumbent who has served his party for eight years. Diana Lawrence promises to serve the people.

Nomination signatures are required for Wisconsin candidates appearing on the Fall 2020 ballot. Your signature says that I should be on your ballot as a choice for voters. I am required to collect more than 200 qualified signatures. I want to turn in at least 300. Signatures are due by June 1, 2020.

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way candidates can collect signatures.

I need your help, now. Please download and print the document, fill it out, and return it to me.

You are an "elector" and can sign my nomination paper if you live in Assembly District 56 and are currently eligable to vote. You may sign nomination papers for only one candicate for each office. (Anyone can circulate my nomination paper.)

  1. Download and print my nomination document.
    If you cannot print this form please contact me or pick up a form from a box in front of my home.
    (920-422-2302 or diana4assembly@yahoo.com or 153 Northbreeze Dr, Appleton)
  2. Fill out line 1 with your printed name, signature, and street address.
  3. Continue with the name of your town, city, or village in the Municipality of Residence Box and check the corresponding check box. (Ex: If you write Appleton, check city.)
  4. Finish with the date you signed.
  5. (Optional) If other people live in your home or are within your social distancing network then it would be very helpful if you can collect their signatures on the remaining lines.
  6. As the collector (circulator), complete the four lines at the bottom of the form with your name and address. (Don't fill in the page number).
  7. Finally, mail your form back to Diana Lawrence, 153 Northbreeze Dr, Appleton, WI 54911.
    (Or drop it in the collection box at my home)
    I need this by SUNDAY (May 31).

Thank you. Running for elected office to represent you is an honor that I hope you will allow. When I serve in Madison I will have your back. Your signature on my nomination paper is one way for you to have some skin in the game.

Other Wisconsin Democratic candidates also need your help at this time. Please help them, too.

Vote November 3
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