Diana Lawrence for State Assembly in Wisconsin District 56

Vote on November 3

We need to beat the Republican incumbent in the November election. You need proper representation in the State Government otherwise you get left behind. I am prepared to be your representative.

The incumbant to this office is Dave Murphy. He has had this job for eight years. If you don't know his name then you should wonder how hard he has been working for you.

There is much on the November 3 ballot. This is an important election and your opinion is needed. Please investigate your ballot and the candidates so you know the issues.

Where do I vote? What is on my ballot? More....

Please call or write to me if you have questions or concerns.

Voting is about knowing the candidates and helping to elect the candidate that you believe is most like you or who will best represent your interests. Elections are often decided by just a few votes. Which side are you on?

I am a Democrat. I urge you to vote for all the good Democrats on the ballot, leaving no boxes blank. These are some of the other races on your ballot. These are all important positions and these are all qualified candidates. Please consider them all. Visit their websites to learn more.

Freedom must be won with every election by every generation

Vote November 3
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