Diana Lawrence for State Assembly in Wisconsin District 56
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Statement for running again in 2018 (and 2020)

After failing to advance in the 2012 Democratic Primary election for this same position it is fair to ask why I am running again and why you should take me seriously.

First you should understand why I decided to run in 2011. For many years I had been frustrated, as a citizen, to watch our government make poor decisions. As an advocate for the environment I watched as hard-won battles had to be fought endlessly. Victories seemed to be temporary, just to be fought again. In my dealings with our legislators in Madison I concluded that they were no more competent or qualified for office than I was.

The 2010 election was a turning point for me. The 56th Assembly District did not run a Democratic candidate and I felt cheated out of the opportunity to elect a Representative who represented my interests. I realized that I might have to become that candidate.

The polarized and radical first months of Scott Walker's administration convinced me that I needed to run in the 2012 election for State Assembly. I began training and preparing to run for office and I was the first candidate to declare.

2012 was the first time in a very long time that Assembly District 56 required a Democratic Primary Election. Frequently there are no Democratic candidates, period. Our district does not have a history of electing Democratic candidates. 2012 was a rare contest.

My candidacy did not survive the 2012 Primary Election, and ultimately the Democratic candidate lost in the November General Election.

All of my reasons for becoming a candidate still motivate me to serve our district. I have decided that I must try again. I believe my experience with the 2012 election will help in the 2018 election.

(Although I lost in the November 2018 election my voting support was as good as other Democrats running in this district, confirming that I am a viable candidate. The nomination signature process in April and May of 2020 during the Coronavirus shutdown demonstrated that people wanted me to be a candidate.)

I will serve our Assembly District and the State of Wisconsin by respecting the opinions and values of all of our citizens. I will be guided by Democratic philosophies and principles. I have great respect for Progressive and Green Party ideas. I really do understand the ideas of our Republican and Independent neighbors and will do my best to respect and value those opinions as I represent everyone.

The late Senator Paul Wellstone said, "Politics is about doing good for people." That's what I intend to do if elected to represent the 56th Assembly District.

I hope you will follow my candidacy and offer your help.

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