Diana Lawrence for State Assembly in Wisconsin District 56
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The election is over, and I was not successful. But I still have a large campaign debt that must be repaid. If you valued my candidacy and wish that you had helped please consider helping retire my campaign debt.
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Please support my campaign.

I consider your help to be an investment because you also have something at stake in this election. I hope to be your representative. I need your help to win the November 3 Election.

More than anything I need your vote. Please make that committment.

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Email: diana4assembly@yahoo.com
Cell: 920-422-2302

Money is needed in any campaign. I will try to be thrifty with your investment in my campaign.

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"Like You! For You!"

I am running to represent YOU
because we are not well-served by
our current state legislature.

Vote November 3
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