Diana Lawrence for State Assembly in Wisconsin District 56
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Voter Disenfranchisement

I began my campaign because I felt disenfranchised by my incumbent Republican Representative. He has acted like a rubber stamp, supporting the partisan agenda of our governor. He has intentionally disregarded the wants and needs of constituents like me.

During my campaign I discovered that many people are feeling disenfranchised by a system that puts the ongoing battle between two political parties over the interests of voters. Many of these people have dropped out of democracy, believing that their vote, or even the person in office, doesn't really matter.

My campaign is about helping voters to re-engage in democracy. Your vote is important. And the person in office really does matter.

I will pay attention to all of my constituents, regardless of political persuasion. We all pay taxes to support our government, and it needs to work for all of us. Although I may support legislation that you wouldn't support, I will not do it to support a partisan agenda. I will respect your opinions, wants and needs while weighing the needs of the current generation and future generations.

I will work to eliminate gerrymandered district borders.

I will work to make it easier for you to vote.

I will have frequent public meetings around our district so you can tell me your wants and needs, and so you can hold me accountable.

I will represent you and help you from getting left behind.

We work too hard earning the money that pays taxes to demand anything less.

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