Diana Lawrence for State Assembly in Wisconsin District 56
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What is the State Assembly?

Like the Federal Government, Wisconsin's government consists of three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. The State Senate and State Assembly comprise the Legislative branch. Wisconsin is divided into 33 Senate Districts and 99 Assembly Districts. Each Senate District is divided into three Assembly Districts.

Districts are supposed to be approximately equal in population, and are redrawn every ten years in response to U.S. Census data. The 2010 Census reported Wisconsinís population as 5,686,986. The ideal population of a Senate District is 172,333. The ideal population of an Assembly District is 57,444. (AD 56 had grown to 67,841 before redistricting.)

Assembly District 56 is one of three districts within Senate District 19.

State Assembly representatives are elected for 2-year terms. State Senators are elected for 4-year terms.

Legislation is introduced in either the Senate or the Assembly, and must be approved by both houses before the Governor has the opportunity to approve it into law, or veto it.

Wisconsin's three branches of government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) are supposed to provide checks and balances to protect the people of the state. In recent years our government has not worked this way. The Republican legislative majority had had been a rubber stamp to support Gov. Scott Walker's harmful agenda. The Republican legislative continues to oppose Gov. Tony Evers and the majority of Wisconsin citizens.

Although the legislative duties of State Assembly Representatives are vital for running the State Government, the Representatives actually spend the majority of their time meeting and helping their constituents. Service to constituents is why the job is locally elected. A customer service background is a valuable asset for a State Assembly Representative.

Democratic principles say that nearly anyone should be allowed to run for the office. We have become conditioned to think that business owners and lawyers are ideally qualified, but that attitude short-changes our citizens. We need representation from all walks of life.

A State Assembly Representative needs to be able to work in a team environment in the State Capitol. Business owners and lawyers are accustomed to being in charge. People with other backgrounds, such as customer service, may be better accustomed to serving others and working in a team.

Voting is about knowing the candidates and helping to elect the candidate that you believe is most like you or who will best represent your interests.

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