Diana Lawrence for State Assembly in Wisconsin District 56

Which Side Are You On?

In this, and every election, you are making important choices for your community, state, nation and world. Your vote endorses one side or the other and is a message even if your candidates are not successful. And, if you fail to vote, you are also sending a message.

In this November 2020 election two ideas are on trial.

Republicans are the party supporting our President and his unpresidential life, words, policies and corruption. Republicans have become the party of bullies. Republicans are the selfish party, looking out for themselves. They have become the party making it difficult for many people to vote. They have become the party against environmental protections.

Democrats are the party trying to be inclusive of all Americans. We want all Americans to vote. We want to protect the environment for future generations. Democrats want all Americans to have freedoms and opportunities and safety.

I am a Democrat.

Which side are you on?

Vote November 3
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