Diana Lawrence for State Assembly in Wisconsin District 56

Why Diana? Why I am running.

I was drawn to run for the 56th Assembly Seat for several reasons.

I have been involved as a citizen advocate for the environment through Sierra Club and the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters. I became progressively more involved, from writing letters to going to Madison to lobby on legislation. Running for the 56th Assembly Seat is an extension of that activity. I talked with legislators many times through the years and concluded that I was as knowledgeable and competent as anyone I met.

It bothered me in the past that there often was not a Democratic candidate for me to vote for in the State Assembly, as was the case in the 2010 election. I finally looked in the mirror instead of looking elsewhere for a candidate and decided I could bring my life experiences to the table and run for office. I chose the state level because I have been working on that level of issues for years. My husband and I participated in the protests in Madison over the course of several weekends and that activity helped me to make the decision to run for this office.

Iíve watched as other citizen environmentalists have successfully engaged the political process and have been elected to the State Assembly. I believe I am ready to follow in their footsteps and stand on their shoulders.

What do I hope to accomplish if I win?

Iíve been asked what new laws and bills I intend to introduce in the Wisconsin State Assembly. Iím sure that I will introduce or support new legislation, but I believe it is almost more important to know what kinds of legislation should not be supported, and be willing to oppose it.

Our state elected officials have polarized state government and the people of the state like never before. It seems that the majority party elected officials think that they have a mandate, without involving the other political party and independent citizens of the state. This has been characteristic of both Democrats and Republicans. For good government, we absolutely must involve both parties, all stakeholders who have an interest in an issue, and independent citizens. Too often legislation was written on behalf of, or even written by, interest groups and their lobbyists as model legislation, rather than written by legislators. This has happened in environmental areas and other areas.

Public education is probably the single best expense beside civil defense that the government can offer. I do not believe the tired mantra that the majority of our schools are failing their students and communities. Some need help but by and large those schools, ie. Milwaukee Public Schools, that are doing poorly have extraordinary problems largely brought on by societal problems in their area. This needs to be addressed before you can have properly achieving students and schools. A great workforce depends on a strong public education system with accountability on the part of its teachers and principals. I support spending as much money as we can on the public educational system, but to do so efficiently and wisely.

Environmental regulations should not be changed lightly. I hope to be a champion of the environment and be careful and choosy as to which regulations need updating and those that do not. We must not change environmental laws to suit any one company. This opens the floodgates for other industries to pursue loosening of laws to suit their needs as well.

Wisconsin is slowly losing its heavy manufacturing base to places like China and competition within our own country. We should not continue to give away tax incentives to the point we have no revenue from business. Businesses decide to locate not only on taxes but also on quality of life issues, transportation quality and a good public educational system that they know will provide them with the workers they need. The state needs to find those new cutting edge industries and support them. We missed the opportunity during the boom of the 1990's to attract new industry and relied too much on the paper industry and the car industry. We need to encourage the UW system to do what it needs to in order to keep and attract scientific professionals and activity and not spend our legislative time hampering them.

If nothing else, I hope that my tenure in public office will help restore the public faith in our government system. There are many good people serving as elected representatives or as public servants. I will serve the people in Assembly District 56 and the State of Wisconsin. I want others to follow me and be confident in the democratic process, knowing that the citizens are represented.

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